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Hemp Acne Cream
Hemp Acne Cream
Hemp Acne Cream
Hemp Acne Cream
Hemp Acne Cream

Hemp Acne Cream


Our Hemp Acne Cream is a Medical Device Class 1 that uses liposomal technology to help cope with acne. Liposomes help to improve the delivery and absorption of hemp extract in the body, allowing more of its anti-inflammatory properties to reach the targeted area. Combined with colloidal oatmeal, it gives a coating layer to the skin and helps protect vulnerable and sensitive skin affected by acne.




Get Clear Skin: 5 Proven Tips for Fighting Acne

One of the most common conditions for people across all continents is acne. And it can be an affliction for adults too- not just teens. Whether in your pre-teens, teens, or later years, most of us live with acne at some point in our lives. 

What Causes Acne? 

Many different factors can stimulate an acne outbreak. These are the most common influencing factors:

  • Hormones
  • Poor diet
  • Excess sebum production
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Some medications


Let's take a look at some natural ways to fight acne. In this article, we will take a look at some of the commonly known ways to fight acne, but skip to the end to find one surprising natural method that is currently blazing through the natural health market. 


1) Reduce Sugar

    While more comprehensive research needs to be done, research shows that your diet and skin breaks are connected. Foods with a higher GI, in particular, have been connected to acne outbreaks. 

    This study in 2009 tested 2000 people. These people were placed on a low GI diet, and the results indicated that 87% of the participants recorded a reduction in acne, and 91% reported a decrease in the need for acne medication. 

    How to lower your intake of high GI foods:

    • Reduce consumption of sodas and sweets
    • Reduce consumption of processed carbohydrates (store-bought baked goods and white bread)
    • Consume more vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and fruits.
    • Reduce alcohol consumption


    2) Reduce Stress 

    Chances are, worrying about things does not help you in any situation. Yes, learning to relax may be easier said than done, but recent studies show that reducing your stress could reduce your acne. 

    Take a look at these healthy ways to lower your stress:

    • Breathwork and meditation 
    • Exercise, including high-intensity training and yoga 
    • Find an outlet for constant worrying thoughts, like journaling
    • Even listening to your favorite music or playing an instrument can help to lower your stress levels


    3) Sleep 

    You've probably heard this one before, but that doesn't by any means diminish its importance. If you are not getting enough sleep, or not getting enough quality sleep, then you could be prone to acne outbreaks. 

    One study shows that 65% of participants had an increase in acne when fatigued or sleep-deprived. According to the study, a lack of sleep is connected to the release of inflammatory compounds, which could worsen existing acne or cause an outbreak. 


    4) Choose your Makeup Wisely

    According to this study, the use of cosmetic products is directed correlated to an increase in acne outbreaks. That's not to say to ditch your make up altogether, but you should be smart about what makeup you choose to put on your face:

    • Look out for labels that read "oil-free" or "non-comedogenic"
    • Remove makeup before going to bed
    • Wash makeup sponges and brushes once a week
    • Wash your hands before application


    5) Hemp Extract

    Chances are you've heard of all the other ways listed here, except for this one. Hemp extract is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant. 

    Recent studies suggest that hemp extract oil and products such as Canzon Hemp Acne Cream could be a potential treatment for acne-prone skin.

    How it works

    Although the science is slightly more complicated, we are going to simplify it for you. Companies like Canzon and other companies produce high-quality hemp extract products that could be used to treat acne. 

    Research indicates that hemp extract can regulate the body's sebum production, which could assist those battling with acne due to an overproduction of sebum. Furthermore, hemp extract has proven anti-inflammatory qualities, which could help with the treatment of existing acne. 

    According to this review compounds such as hemp extract can help to fight off infections from pollutants on the skin due to the extract’s antifungal and antibacterial qualities. 

    The research into hemp extract’s effect on acne is promising; however, more clinical trials are necessary before any claims can be made. This area of study is set to increase as the buzz around hemp extract increases and make sure that you use high-quality hemp products if you want to try it out for yourself. 

    Hemp Acne Cream

    Hemp Acne Cream