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What Is Hemp Extract? Hemp 101

Its Effects and Benefits, Explained

Hemp extract is a component found in the leaves and flower of the hemp plant. Beyond modern-day benefits, hemp has been used for thousands of years as raw material, food source, and medicine.

According to a growing body of research, hemp extract benefits are manifold.

For most people, the benefit of taking hemp extract is its ability to restore a sense of balance within the human body. This can mean reducing inflammation or pain sensation, functioning as a sleep aid or assuaging anxiety, though as of now, research surrounding it is in its preliminary stages.

Our Hemp Extract Does Not Produce a High

No, it is not possible to feel a high after ingesting just hemp extract. In other words, our hemp extract is safe to take throughout the day, at work or before bed without worrying about negative effects.

What Is Hemp Extract’s Impact on the Human Body?

Hemp extract interacts with the body through a major biological system known as the endocannabin0id system.

Generally, the endocannabin0id system is responsible for maintaining homeostasis within the body. This means balancing biological processes as they respond to external elements.

More specifically, the endocannabin0id system affects a long list of core bodily functions. Among others, these include:

  • Pain sensation
  • Sleep
  • Immune function
  • Metabolism
  • Memory
  • Appetite

Discovering the Endocannabin0id System

Compared to the reproductive system, nervous system, circulatory system and all other major networks in the human body, the endocannabin0id system is a relatively new area of study.

Though no less essential than other biological systems, the endocannabin0id system was only discovered in 1992. Research into the effects of the hemp plant led to its discovery.

The Endocannabin0id System's Three Main Components

How exactly does the endocannabin0id system work? It’s primarily made up of the following three elements:

  1. Cannabin0id receptors
    Two types of receptors, CB-1 and CB-2, occur throughout the peripheral and central nervous systems. More specifically, these receptors exist in the immune system, kidneys, liver, brain, gastrointestinal system, and beyond.

  2. Endocannabin0ids
    The human body naturally produces endocannabin0ids which affect how the body experiences pain, memory, appetite, immunity, mood and more. They exert their influence within the human body by binding to endocannabinoid receptors.

  3. Enzymes
    Once an endocannabin0id has played its role in maintaining homeostasis within a specific part of the human body, an enzyme fatty acid will degrade it, according to research published in Pharmacological Reviews.

How Hemp Extract Affects the Endocannabin0id System

Full Spectrum hemp extract benefits exist because the human body already contains the receptors to which the compounds of the plant can bind.

But compared to the body's naturally-occurring endocannabin0ids, the plant's compounds often function for longer periods of time. Some experts believe that some of these compounds produce their effects by stimulating the endocannabin0id system rather than producing those effects itself.

A Short History of Hemp

By some estimates, hemp is one of the world's oldest crops. Instances of hemp cultivation date back to 4,000 BCE in China. Europe, the Middle East, and Russia all have hundreds of years of history of hemp farming.

Medicinally, hemp was used to assuage cramps, joint pain, and other illnesses. However, early uses of hemp went beyond medicine. It was a common material for canvas and key for producing sails, as well as for paper, rope, and textiles.

Today, hemp farming is legal across most of Europe.

What to Look for When Choosing Hemp Extract Products

No matter what type of product you choose, the best way to experience the effects you want is to check for these elements.

  • Is It Third-Party Lab Tested?

Third-party lab testing is the only way to ensure that a product actually contains what it announces on the label. This means checking extract content, as well as other additives.

  • Where Is It From?

Hemp is farmed throughout the world, which means that it can be sourced from anywhere. The best way to make sure that you're consuming hemp subject to your country's health and safety laws is to choose products grown within Europe.

  • Is it Full-Spectrum?

Full-spectrum hemp extract includes other terpenes, flavonoids, and oils that amplify hemp's benefits. Though some of the components may be psychoactive, these are not enough to produce any psychoactive side-effects.

What Is Hemp Extract? A New Type of Wellness

Hemp extract is a way to make hemp wellness a part of your daily routine. This means restoring balance and calm and benefiting from a host of other properties.

It just might help you.